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Hi, I'm Leah.

I partner with urban education leaders to transform student learning experiences from disengaging worksheets to authentic, impactful, standards-aligned transfer tasks.

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Leah's Story

Over the past 20 years I have served the education community as a Peace Corps Volunteer, New York City educator and administrator, and Apple Education Leadership Executive. As the founder and Chief Learning Officer of The Urban Learning Institute I work side-by-side with educators at the district, school, and classroom level to scale and sustain simple, manageable change, transforming student learning experiences from acquisition of knowledge to application of knowledge. 
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"I am very excited about working with The Urban Learning Institute as their Research Methodologist. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to collaboratively design measures and implement data collection procedures, which will provide quality data to help assess the effectiveness and impact of the Institute's work in individual schools and large districts. "

Dr. Craig Mertler
Research Methodology Expert | Author | Associate Professor of Action Research and Quantitative Methods

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