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Revitalize Academy

Self-Care, Simplified.

As educators we excel at caring for our students, our teachers, and our staff. But how often do we give ourselves the same level of attention? Research shows that teachers and administrators are leaving the field at unprecedented rates due to extraordinarily high stress levels. We need simple strategies to help us thrive in such an emotionally demanding field. 

"This school year I am finally going to focus on myself."

As a certified Health and Wellness Coach I hear this statement from educators all across the country. Educators who want to feel strong and energized, but are overwhelmed with how to get there. How can you prioritize yourself when you have 500 students, 500 families, and 60 staff members to care for? Educators have shared they operate on 5 hours of sleep each night, do not exercise, have gained weight, and at the end of the day have no energy and too much stress to do anything about it.

10 years ago, that was me. That’s when I decided I was tired of being tired.

January 1st 2023 marks the launch of an engaging new community called Revitalize Academy, which helps simplify the world of wellness for educators.

As a certified health coach I believe taking care of yourself needs to be simple. I believe in action, not just awareness.

That’s why I provide practical, manageable strategies each week that help you make changes in your life, and make them stick. With inspiration, advice, and accountability from fellow educators, you’ll learn how to manage the Core Four: eating, sleeping, exercising, and managing stress.




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